Nail-design the D-Style

Simple nails

Nail-design simple blue

Nail-design pink-flower

Nail-design:Red flower

My place of energie and inspirit...

    Summer let's go:)....

    Here in Italy (Puglia)

Hello Kitty nail-design by Alimc-Pinklady

Simple nail-design

Nail-design simple and lila glitter

Nail-design:)Green flower is trendy...

Pinki-style nail design

Nail-design black-flower

    Seba....Ti voglio tanto bene;) un bacio Alimc-pinklady:)

Nail-design in glitter

Simple nail-design

Nail-design:Glitter flower

Nail-design: Yellow-blue style

My lila-flower style nail-design

Green-style nail-design

My Nail-design in Red-flower style

Simple nails

Pinki-marmor style nail-design

French white and lila stripes Nail design

Nail design in yellow,black,red glitter marmor style

Flash nail-design in april

Nail-design:Hello Kitty style

Pink nail-design by Ala-Liri

Nail-design Happy easter:)

Nail-design in black and white

New nail-design by alimc-pinklady in april...

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