French white with blue design

Blue nail-design

New hot trend of spring red long nail-design 2011

Dark lila 60 style nail-design uv-gel

Black and silver glitter powder magic nail style

White hearts french nail-design uv gel.....

Butterfly nail-design

Red nails with white flower design with uv gel

Pink nails with glitter hearts

Vip french white nail-desigb with lila and k.m. design

Pink nails pictures with uv gel.Design by Alimc-Pinklady of 2010

Glitter nail-style pink

Pink nails with black tribal

Barby nails pinkstyle

Black style nails

Orange glitter flower power nail-design

Glitter french with red flower power nail-design

Black metallic nail-design crazy nails with uv-gel

Silver glitter french black nail-design

Nail-design crazy design

Before and after nail-design with uv-gel

Violett lila pastel nails

Barby pink-nails with white flower

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